Business Law in Pittsburgh, PA

Starting a business can bring good ideas to the marketplace, provide profits for the successful and adventurous entrepreneur and cut dependence on working for others. Marketing your good idea is going to require a solid business plan and legal support. Estimates vary, but statistics show that many new businesses fail during their first year. and

To give your new business the best chance of succeeding, it is important that your business plan account for the myriad of legal considerations any new business will encounter. For example, determining the best business form for the new business. Should it be a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a partnership, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or some other form? The type of entity format will determine liability, tax rate, and formalities to maintain the business. Other considerations may include the use of a non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement, employees versus independent contractors and obtaining necessary permits and licenses. The type of insurance the business will require is also important. Is a copyright or trademark required? Throughout the entire process, there are legal considerations and a business lawyer can help. My office also advises a consultation with an accountant.

In addition to meeting with a lawyer, you may want to consider some of the information on the web. A good resource to explore is the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Guide at the following link:

If your business needs start-up monies, there are several options. See and

While my office does not endorse any of the above sites, these sites show that there are ways to start a new business. In every business, whether you are starting, maintaining or ceasing operations, there are legal requirements and the advice of an experienced business lawyer is valuable to avoiding costly mistakes and for making informed choices. A business lawyer can advise as to which options are best for your particular business.

At my office, we have helped small businesses get started and provided advice as they continued to grow. If you have a legal concern regarding a business, please contact my office.

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